The Clark Report + Darla’s Diary: DR. DARLA

Tonight, for the second time in a month, Darla dug her way into a storage box where I had a backup container of glucose test strips, which I use to test Clark’s blood sugar (he developed diabetes due to the steroids that treat his cancer).

The first time Darla did that, I put it back. She dug it out again. I decided, “Well, it couldn’t hurt to test Clark’s blood sugar” even though his new doc said his levels were close enough to normal to stop the insulin a few weeks earlier….

Good think I checked – he was nearly 400. He’d been lethargic and nauseous, which I thought was from the chemo – but it was high blood sugar. I put him back on a small daily dose and his symptoms resolved.

This morning, his sugar was a little higher than it had been (325). Gave his dose. He seemed fine all day….

But Darla seemed to know something tonight. She dug out that spare container of test strips again. I decided, again, “Well it couldn’t hurt to test” – and he was up over 300 again. So he got a second evening dose.

Guess his diabetes is slowly progressing so will go back to twice daily testing…

Thanks to Dr. Darla.

What an amazing pair of fur people.

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