The Clark Report

Comforted Cat

Clark has begun eating normally again since getting a steroid shot and b-12 shot. We are now waiting for the shipment of regular doses of both to arrive to keep this going. The vet told me to expect an immediate improvement in his symptoms, and he was right.

Of course there are down sides to long term steroid use, but at the rate Clark was declining and losing weight, it was critical to intervene. I still don’t know for sure about cancer v. no cancer, but the boy is eating like a champ, 2 large cans of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Diet prescription food, and he ASKED me to add probiotics to it! I had the box out on my desk and he jumped up and started pushing the box to me … I opened a package and he licked it right off the desk….

Clark, in my “Factor 75” healthy meal delivery box, giving his approval for healthy meals!

So now he gets it sprinkled on all his meals… he is also taking antibiotics so it’s sort of a wash, but the cat seemed to KNOW this stuff was good for him. Or maybe it has an attractive smell. Who knows.

Anyway…. he’s only thrown up ONCE in week, after vomiting nearly daily the week before…. his stools have been NORMAL after a 2 days on treatment, after WEEKS of diarrhea and loose pink stools… and months before that of back and forth, normal / not normal…. for the past 5 days they have been 95% normal, formed, medium brown, like they should be, without the putrid stink. 

PLUS, he is back up on the desk with me, instead of laying in the bathroom floor near his toilet. He is brighter energy and he is up in the bed more for pets and purrs.

Oh, and did I mention, he caught and ate TWO mice on the weekend! at the local art park.

Gosh I hope this continues and is not just an interlude. Prayers.\